Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jury Duty and the NBA trade deadline

Sitting in a huge waiting room for jury duty. Not the most exciting place in the world but alas I'm here. At least I have time to jot down some thoughts.

The NBA trade deadline is today and my 76ers could be making moves. It all depends on whether crazy Sam is running the show or Big Jah aka Jerry Colangelo is. For the sake of blogging, let's say Hinkle is at the helm. Who or what is on the table? Okafur and Nerlens or one of the other players that no one outside of Philly has heard? Swap money and or picks to facilitate other teams? I'm not sure but I certainly wouldn't trade the bigs unless I could get a lottery pick in return. Even then, I'd be hard pressed to pull the trigger. Until Embiid gets on the court, I would air on the side of caution with either Nerlens or Okafur. Both are skilled in different ways and I haven't given up on Brett making it work with them.  However, if Embiid comes back healthy and is the monster we hope he is than the 76ers definitely need to consider a move.

In that scenario, I wouldn't be opposed to moving Nerlens and inserting Holmes as his replacement. Reason being, Holmes is cheaper with a similar skill set. He's long, plays good D, scores efficiently, and can even hit a jump shot.

Again outside of a high draft pick, I'd prefer the 76ers chill today. Maybe move around some "assets" but nothing crazy like trading for Blake 'I'll smash your face' Griffin. Blakes's a really good player but just doesn't our needs right now. Plus I doubt he'd be happy playing for an 8 win team.

Here's hoping that the 76ers lay low and get lucky in the draft. #PrayingforBenandBuddy

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This blog will be dedicated to anything and everything. If I like it, I'll write about it. I'm hoping to post at least once or twice a week, maybe more.  Would love feedback so feel free to comment when inclined. Be back soon...

-Daniel Menna